In-Market Auto Buyer

We have GEO-Framed all Auto Dealers in the United States.  We are able to distinguish between the 'in-market auto buyer' visiting a dealership from those employees who work at the dealership.  Once identified, we can further qualify based on car model, personal income, and several other data points

We can then advertise to this audience with social ads, direct mail, or digital display ad

Note: we are also able to GEO-Frame Truck Dealers, Motor Cycle, RV, or Boat Dealers.

Pre-Qualified Auto Loan Program 

We can identify auto owners who have a loan or lease expiring within the next 6 months.  These can be previous customers of the dealership or anyone within the PMA.  We can further identify loans with high interest rates that should refinance and/or narrow down to a credit score of 600 or above.

There are over 50 data points we can examine

We have a proprietary Facebook application that will help you reach these extra 5000-10,000 people per month.Pre-qualified auto loan ad

The Facebook lead ad form links directly to the Pre-Qualified application.  The form is already filled out with the prospects information, so the process ultra simple.  No need for them to add their Social Security number or date of birth.  The printable Pre-qualified certificate is email to the consumer, and the dealership is notified within 10 seconds with Name, Address, Phone Email.


  • Expect 30-60 additional leads per month
  • Expect a 25+% close rate (depending on your salespeople)
  • Easiest qualification process (within 10 seconds)
  • Prospects never have to leave Facebook 
  • You will receive qualifiers' (and non-qualifiers') names immediately for follow-up

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