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In today’s economy, finding and keeping quality employees is crucial.  Praise and Recognition are key components in optimizing productivity, retention, and creating an "encouragement culture" within your organization.


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Stars Years of Service AwardsStars Performance RewardsEmployee Behavior Based Safety Programs

STARS Service - Employee Longevity Awards

McDowell Incentives, Inc. offers a unique concept in longevity award selection and presentation, developed with a single goal in mind - providing maximum impact at the recognition moment and ultimate choice in quality awards in a flexible, easily administered, web-based turnkey format. 

STARS Performance Rewards

STARS Performance-Based Recognition engages a workforce by showing appreciation, and rewarding employees frequently with meaningful awards for behavior, actions, attitudes and achievements that produce results against an organization’s goals, while reinforcing its vision and values.

Behavior-Based Safety and Accident Prevention

Preventing accidents must become an objective for both employers and employees; however, it is the employer who is ultimately held responsible either to initiate preventive measures or to compensate for injuries.  Establishing an accident prevention culture is a start. 

Employee Health and Wellness Incentives

70% of healthcare expenses stem from preventable causes. Most drivers of healthcare costs and outcomes are associated with human behavior. Targeted and well-designed incentives can directly influence healthy human behaviors and actions.  

Spot Rewards

Rewarding quality work doesn't always need to be so formal. Put the power of spontaneous acts of recognition in your front line managers' hands with Spot Recognition.  Reward on the spot! 

Manager Recognition Training

Not every manager was born to lead or to be able to praise the behavior of their subordinates.  However, these are skills that can and should be learned.  Ask us about the training courses available for your business. 

The employee anniversary is one of the unique times that top management can communicate directly to its employees. McDowell Incentives, Inc. and its partners have developed the ideal turnkey solution to awarding these employees' anniversaries.  It's a unique approach to award programs, which combines the advantages of a symbolic recognition program with a contemporary flair, and is supported by the industry's most advanced web-based administration system.  

The fundamental principle behind our Service Award Program is the "recipient's choice."  Each employee is empowered to choose their award from a pre-selected ensemble of merchandise that includes gifts for the home and office, fashion jewelry, watches, tools, and outdoor lifestyles.   Here are some of STARS capabilities:

The BEST Awards Presentation Packaging in the Industry! (...and it's not even close

Celebration Flat Pack - STARS Service AwardsCelebration Lite Box - STARS Service AwardsCelebration Deluxe Box - STARS Service AwardsWooden Keepsake Box - STARS Service Awards

 Award Selections to Satisfy Even the Hardest-to-Please Employees

STARS Medallion Commemorative AwardsSTARS Contemporary Awards

Unlike other reward options, STARS provides a balanced recognition solution by providing both corporately identified/logo (Commemorative) and non-decorated (Contemporary) selections in 19 budget levels.  Commemorative awards contain a 24k gold or silver symbolic medallion that will display your corporate identity.  Most levels contain 35 Commemorative items and include a lifetime warranty.  Contemporary awards include the most popular items in electronics, outdoor, home, office, designer jewelry, and other lifestyle items.  Your employees will have 1000's of award options per budget level to choose from.

We make it easy... We make it personal 

E-admin Easy STARS Administration ToolsSTARS Employee Social ToolsSTARS Provides FREE Communication ToolsSTARS First Class Concierge Support 

Easy Administration

Run real-time reports

Upload your own employee lists

HRIS integration, etc.

Employee Social Recognition Tools

Send thank you's

Welcome new hires

Congratulate throughout the year

Communications and Training

Manager Training

FREE Communications collateral

Concierge Support at Your Fingertips

Our team supports yours

Your own personal program assistant

We're not happy unless you are


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Worker Safety & Accidnent Prevention from McDowell Incentives, Inc.

93% of all workplace accidents happen


Workplace accidents cause pain and misery - physically, mentally, and monetarily for everyone concerned, whether they are employees and their families or employers. Preventing accidents must become an objective for both parties; however, it is the employer who is ultimately held responsible either to initiate preventive measures or to compensate for injuries.

Most traditional safety programs treat only the symptoms of the problem and not the cause.

What is the answer?


To truly eliminate “lost time” accidents and injuries, a state of mind concerning accident prevention must be established with a behavior-based safety campaign. At McDowell Incentives, Inc., we’ve been preventing accidents and injuries for 40 years, and offer a complete turnkey solution from A to Z.

We'll help you with:

  • A rigorous assessment your safety culture
  • Identifying at-risk behaviors
  • Web-based or “toolbox” training aids
  • Campaign promotion materials
  • Automated “near miss” reporting
  • Empower managers with on-the-spot rewards
  • Symbolic safety longevity awards

Note: Your safety program can be conducted as a stand-alone program OR integrated with other employee performance and engagement programs with the STARS Performance Platform


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Health and Wellness Incentives

70% of healthcare expenses stem from preventable causes...

  • Most drivers of healthcare costs and outcomes are associated with human behavior
  • Prescription refills, preventive screenings, diet, exercise, and well-baby visits are all examples of healthy behaviors
  • Targeted and well-designed incentives can directly influence human behavior

What we provide?

  • A comprehensive incentive solution to improve engagement and increase participation in health behaviors
  • Scalable & flexible technology to incentivize a wide variety of healthy activities
  • Points are issued when members engage and participate in desired health-related behaviors

STARS Performance Rewards Employee Engagement Platform

Performance Based Recognition

Performance-based recognition, as a human capital strategy, aligns the goals and behaviors of employees with a company's Vision, Mission, and Values. 

STARS Performance

STARS Performance platform is an on demand, performance-based employee recognition solution that utilizes points as its currency, and is deployed as SaaS (Software as a Service).  It is flexible and scalable, so new programs can be deployed in minutes - not days or weeks.  With STARS, you are always in control.

points based recognition platformpeer to peer recognitionon the spot survey toolsreal time insight reportsrecognition tools and resourceson the spot reward cards

Individual Needs, Individual Solutions

Each company and organization is unique in both opportunities and challenges.  STARS recognition solutions are built to improve multiple and wide-ranging client objectives.  We are able to manage one, two, or all of your recognition programs in a single system. 

One Platform... Multiple Programs

All your recognition programs, including Service Awards, on one platform. Start with one recognition program or centralize all your programs on one platform to improve consistency across the organization. 

High Tech... High Touch

Thousands of rewards for a multigenerational workforce. Employees can redeem their points for gift cards, popular brand-name merchandise, put points towards an experience or donate their points to a charitable organization. The choice is theirs to make.

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Mobile Optimized Recognition PlatformSTARS Performance Points RewardsSTARS Performance real time reporting

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