Delivering the Right Message
to the Right People
at the Right Time

At McDowell Incentives, Inc., we pride ourselves in being at the cutting edge of marketing technology and wish to bring only the best techniques and methods to our clients.  For nearly 30 years, we've tried (and succeeded) in helping our clients find and market to the right audience, at the right time, with the right message.  Whether that is a tangible marketing piece or a digital one, we strive to improve ROI and marketing efficiency.  Here are some exclusive services we are excited to offer in 2020 and beyond...

Insite Realtime Anonymous Website Visitor Conversion


Companies across the globe spend thousands of dollars and many hours to build a website, make sure it's search engine relevant, and whether through paid search or organic SEO, attempt to lure prospective buyers to that website.  At the end of the day, even the best sites convert 4% of web visitors into clients.  What about the other 96%?  They're obviously interested, right?

We help companies identify those 'anonymous' website visitors by matching their IP to a name and home address.  Utilizing data with our partnership with Experian, our algorithm can then predict which of these website visitors have a high probability in becoming a customer.  We then 'remarket' to them by personalized direct mail, email, social media ad, or display ad, and more....

  • Our process is patented, and we are the only solution for personalized marketing pieces 
  • We use no cookies and are CCPA compliant
  • We are converting up to 10% with double digit ROI!

Insite Realtime GEO Framing

Have you every wanted to be able to acquire your competitor's customers?  Would you find it worthwhile to identify potential customers in a physical location like an arena, a stadium, state fair, store, neighborhood, storm-affected area, or competitor's location by GEO-Framing the location?

We have that ability with Insite Realtime GEO-Framing.  With GEO-Framing, we have accuracy to within 1 square meter and can capture up to 60% of mobile devices that have visited that location; which we then match back to the home address.  We can further qualify the individual's name and determine if they are worthy of further marketing efforts to convert to a customer. Nobody else takes it this extra step, which is very important.  You still want to make sure you're marketing to the right audience.

Once again, we can market by personalized direct mail, email, social ad, or display ad.

This is not a GEO-Fence.  A GEO-Fence can only market to a device while in the GEO-Fenced area in real time (plus that person must have an app or browser open to receive ads).  Not a high probability of success.  GEO-Framing captures all device ID's that have been in the framed area for a defined period of time, plus our solution can go back 6 months to capture these device ID's.  Of the devices we capture, we have a 95% accuracy in linking to their home address for remarketing.

Digital Keyword Listening

By now most businesses are familiar with Google, Yahoo, Bing search  or PPC advertising.  You manage/create your budget and bid on how high you are willing to pay for ad placement when users put in certain keywords.  We all know that if you're not in the top 3 placements, you won't be seen.  Plus, you can blow through a budget very quickly, especially in highly competitive industries (like lending, insurance, real estate, law, etc.). The elephant in the room still is that 40% of clicks are false or accidental.

Let's change this paradigm!

With digital listening, our algorithm 'listens' for these searches, identifies in-market buyers that are searching these same keywords as your product or service (or perhaps a business which markets to the same customer as yourself) and we capture their emails.

We then implement an email campaign to these new prospects that we know are actively looking for your product or service.  

  • It's like capturing competitor's email list
  • We are getting open rates over 20% and click-thru rates of up to 10%
  • There is no bidding and it's a much lower cost than Google PPC, Display, and Facebook Ads

Social Listening

We are able to capture the name and email of those 'followers' or 'likes' of competitors' or like-businesses' pages on Facebook and other social media.

We can then begin to market to those followers via email or other marketing media. 

This is a great option for companies that have not built a big social media following yet or have a major competitor that can outspend them through normal advertising channels.

Competitor Website Retargeting

We are able to capture and remarket visitors to specific webpages on competitors' websites with display advertising.  We are unable to identify these visitors by name like with Insite Realtime, but we can track impressions, clicks, and form fills.

This method is similar to retargeting from your own website, except it would be from your competitors'.  Visitors will be presented with a display ad for a 'better' offer from you.

Look-Alike Customer Acquisition

We can either place a pixel on your website to gain information from visitors or we can take a sampling of your customer database (1000+ customers) to generate a customer profile analysis.  We then expand the search and find look-alikes in your primary marketing area.  

We then market to this potential customer list by personalized direct mail, email, social ad or display ad.